13 Nov 2012


Sachin Tendulkar scored 137 against the Railways in the Ranji trophy recently. Times have been so bad that a "Tendulkar 100" in Ranji Trophy makes headlines. Sunny bhai, for instance, said that it is a good sign that Sachin is getting some runs. Sunny was soon reminded of his comment during the last test series that Sachin's mode of dismissals (getting out - bowled) was concerning.
Sunny quickly turned himself on the other side of the fence and changed his stance faster than Kevin Pieterson does during his "switch-hit" and remarked, "That was the early part of the season. Some people can be very rusty". Sunny also forewarned people around that Sachin’s 137 would make the Test matches  extremely interesting.  What Sunny didn't remind the people around was that the Railways bowling attack had the  likes of Bangar, Upadhyay, Karthik, Shukla etc.

We had news of Sunny making a comeback into the Indian cricket team. Ravinder Jadeja was the most excited of the lot until someone told him this Sunny was not Leone. At a time when Dhoni is trying to look out for options of keeping Manoj Tiwary and Ajinkya Rahane out of the team, more Cricketers of yesteryears seem to be fancying their chances. We have information that Sunny was almost sure to make a comeback until the AP High Court lifted the ban imposed on Azharuddin and he was available to play. We asked Azhar how he felt now that he was exonerated and he said, "Boys played well...I mean...I mean...the lawyers played well". We asked him if the news of his making a comeback was true. Azhar said he was so busy that he wasn’t even aware of the next fixture... against England that is.
After Sunny said that Sachin's century against a Railway bowling attack is a good sign we feel there are other players who have played some wonderful innings in the recent times which have not made headlines:

Rohit Sharma scoring 173 off just 70 balls during a Kojagiri Pornima night on a building terrace (popularly known as Gacchi Cricket in Mumbai)
Ravinder Jadeja scoring 142  only off 80 balls in the Navratri Pandal in Jamnagar (this innings later helped him to score 300 in domestic cricket)

NOTE: Both batsmen got out in a freaky fashion. Rohit Sharma did not know the basic rules of Gacchi cricket in India that if you hit the ball out of the terrace (without a bounce) you are out (unless the ball used in the match is yours or your father has the terrace keys of the building society by virtue of being the Chairman of the society).
Ravinder Jadeja on the other hand was unstoppable until he hit the shot which hit a lady wearing a backless choli at the Navratri festival.

Joginder Sharma starred in a T20 match with a blistering 78 in only 34 balls in a match of Class VI-A v/s Class IX-B in the Night School. Joginder Sharma is in Class VI, and Arun Lal, we are told, is their coach.
With so much of competition Manoj Tiwary and Ajinkya Rahane are going to have a tough time making it to the final eleven. In fact just when these two were about to break into the Indian final XI there is some news of injury to both these players. They are diagnosed with sore posteriors, thanks to Dhoni keeping them on the bench for so long. Last heard, they were taking advice from Sunny, who has advised them on how to strengthen the butt muscles. The only way he seems to have strengthened his, is by sitting on the fence all the time.

(pics courtesy:in.com, khelnama.com)
Disclaimer: Not intended to be derisive. Interviews are not real. Only fun intended. No outrage please.

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